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Why do we love reading?

What is a book? The first book is a source of information. The book can tell, to teach, to entertain, to make people think over their lives and even influence its further course. The book develops and inspires. Since childhood, my mother reading books to the kid, even when he is not able to speak. With this reading in a child much before it develops, than their peers who do not read. It so happens that only mastered it a child recites a poem that my mom read to him earlier. This proves that reading affects the speech and memory. Reading people is constantly expanding your vocabulary. So, his speech becomes filled with and diverse. Such a person always interesting, he knows a lot and will always support the conversation. What to read to get all of the above? There is no bad books. Anyway, the literature uses educated language, so reading any book will have a positive impact on it. Importantly, the book was interesting for you. Whether it's a classical piece, or a book about hunting werewolves. Replace the hour of the evening watching TV, reading books, and within a month you will notice positive changes in yourself. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Sapiente voluptatem distinctio neque, a, id debitis tenetur aspernatur? Natus, voluptate alias.

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